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Activities & Services

The CRE "Center for Entrepreneurial Resourses" of EoC-IIN:

-Offers consultancy to existing companies in human-centered organizational culture and sustainability.

Co-working space

Permanent contact point for entrepreneurial projects and co-working space.


Connecting young people with business ideas and experienced entrepreneurs.


Organizes trainings and Workshop on topics that are useful for start-ups.

How it Works ?

 You Apply and if the project / the business idea has also a positive social or environmental impact, you are selected.

  • You are call for an interview.

  • You signed your contract.

  • You have access to the co-working space and the various facilities.

  • You complete the package of four essentials trainings.

  1. Creativity attitude

  2. Financial budgeting

  3. Networking

  4. Rainbow life adventure)

  • You are call to participate / or you choose to participate to optional trainings depending on the needs of your project

  1. Business Model

  2. Business Plan

  3. Market Strategy / Market studies

  4. Competitive studies / benchmarking

  5. Potential investors / Financial research

  • After completion of Grade I You are selected for the next level !

  • You start with practical training on:

  1. Accounting Management

  2. Fiscalities “OHADA Regulation”

  3. How to choose the legal statut of your Business and procedure to create your

  • Optional trainings :

  1. Social networking.

  2. e-marketing.

  • You complete the two months requested for evaluation of sells and business growing.

  • You are operational / You can quit the co-working space.

  • The whole process can last a maximum of two years and a minimum of six months.

Contact us

Facebook: edcafriquecentrale

Tel: 00237 696550555

BP: 5682 Nlongkak, Yaounde, Cameroon.

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