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"An international network dedicated to the incubation of new companies"

Who we are?

The CRE is a coworking space where all entrepreneurs, meet up and help one another to either Start their business or to mature it. At their disposal we are networking with others entrepreneurs around the world within the EoC IIN platform and ressources.


During their experience at the CRE, entrepreneurs are opportune to enhance their personal and organizational effectiveness and script their business identity.

Legal Status

The “Entrepreneurial Resources Centre”, CRE, in the course of inception, is under the supervisory authority of AFECAC “Association for an Economy of Communion in Central Africa”. The centre committing to being a co-working environment, where business ideas are developed, matured, and transformed into business; where businesses are created and followed-up till maturation; and where down falling businesses are restructured for a new stand (All these services will be provided according to EoC principles).

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